V-Tec Applications

Areas of use

V-Tec can be used at all floor levels from ground floor up.

The V-Tec beam is truly universal in its application and the wide scope it offers design engineers to provide a simple and cost effective solution even to the most intractable aspects of floor design.

The unique characteristics of a lightweight concrete floor combined with wide spans requiring little if any support prior to the placement of the concrete, makes V-Tec the preferred choice of both contractor and designer when constructing any of the following:

  • Suspended floors
    Suspended floors
  • Cantilevered floors
    Cantilevered floors
  • Capping basements
    Interior Exterior Capping Basements Capping Basements
  • Green roofs
  • Balconies
  • Terraces


The Load Bearing, Fire and Acoustic performance of existing floors, particularly timber floors in Historic and Listed Buildings, Flats and Industrial Mezzanines are easily upgraded using V-Tec. The lightweight beams are readily positioned between the existing floor joists. The addition of a screed confers all the benefits of a new structural concrete floor and a sound base on which to reinstate the original floor covering, whether timber, tile or brick - as required.

Insulated Concrete Formwork

V-Tec is a must for anyone planning to build with insulated concrete formwork. ICF systems and V-Tec are entirely complimentary. It is often possible to pour the walls and floor in a single operation.

Self Builder

Whether building with ICF or more traditional materials, V-Tec should be the self builder's preferred choice. It provides a simple and cost effective method of laying a structural concrete floor to a high professional standard. The main benefits to the self builder are:

  • Simple three step process
  • Fast to install
  • No skill required - only direction
  • No heavy cranage
  • Little if any propping required
  • Lightweight floor block
  • Fully insulated floor, suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • Built in ducting for pipes and services
  • Provides a safe structure during build and reduced need for scaffolding
  • Eliminates need to screed

Placement of the concrete is best left to a skilled operator