V-Tec Concrete

V-Tec Structural floor beam - Concrete Foot C35

Concrete Topping Volume
10m2 floor area 85mm thick 1.0m3
10m2 floor area 100mm thick 1.2m3
V-Tec Floor - Concrete placement

Concrete Mix

Typically the concrete is specified as a C25 pumpable mix of slump class S3 (target slump 190mm) with aggregate size 10mm.

A 20mm aggregate can be used but 10mm is preferred as it is easier to pump and place.

Chopped fibres can be used in the mix to improve the tensile strength of the concrete and as an anti-crack measure, dispensing with the need for a reinforcing mesh. The manufacturer will provide guidance as to the mix design.


Concrete grade Spec 3 C25 C35
Mix Type F/F pump F/F pump
Cement type Cem 1/PC 42.5 Cem 1/PC 42.5
Standard aggregate size 10mm 10mm
Maximum aggregate size 20mm 20mm
Target slump 190mm 190mm
Minimum cement content 350 375

Ready Mixed Concrete should be obtained from a plant approved by the quality scheme for ready mixed concrete. Visit www.qsrmc.co.uk