V-Tec Addtional Information
V-Tec Structural floor beams


In the V-17 series, beam Type 20-8-20 can span up to 6.6 meters maximum under Garage/Office loadings of 2.5 KN/m2.

The V-22 series can span up to 8.4 meters under Domestic loadings of 1.5KN/m2

Were greater spans are required V-Tec can be engineered to provide spans up to 9 meters during pour and up to 12 meters in total.


The V-Tec beam has a pre-camber and generally for all spans up to 4.5 meters there is no need to have a forest of supports whilst the concrete pour is underway.

This is a great improvement over most traditional in-situ concrete floor systems and saves a great deal of time and effort on support positioning and propping.

These savings are in addition to those made due to the ease with which the beams and formwork blocks are laid.

For spans in excess of 4.5 meters the props should be left in place until the concrete has reached the required design strength.


The floor can be left with a tamped finish or where no screed is required power floated to provide the finished floor. Alternatively a proprietary self-compacting concrete can be used.

As always your design will be checked by your Structural Engineer.

Handling & Storage

Most V-Tec beams require only lightweight lifting equipment. To avoid double handling it is preferable for the customised beams to be laid on arrival directly in position. The EPS formers are supplied banded. They are of relatively lightweight and easily handled on site.