V-Tec Features

The EPS Floor Block

In addition to its relative strength and lightness the EPS Block has other built in features which should be noted before attempting to lay the blocks or pour the concrete.

Cad drawing
Fixing recess
In the base of each block there is a provision for two short sections of 19 x 38mm wooden batten - to be inserted before assembly. The positions are clearly marked on the lower surface of the polystyrene formers. The wood sections are used to attach counter battens using self tapping screws to support a dry lining finish to the ceiling.
Batten groove
When laid, a groove is formed across the top of the floor block for the inclusion of a length of timber batten at right angles to the beam. (See illustration). This provides a fixing for counter battens above the concrete screed to take a timber floor or plywood deck. If not required for this purpose the grooves also function as an additional service channel.
With appropriate planning the EPS floor block permits the installation of large diameter ducting and service pipes, all within a 210mm floor depth. Services are installed both before and/or after the concrete pour.

Prior to pour - the open lattice work of the V-Tec Beam enables service pipes, underfloor heating and ducting to be laid in any direction.

After the concrete pour - voids in the EPS floor blocks provide a ready means of installing any additional services. The wood sections previously inserted into the ceiling blocks, facilitate the attachment of ceiling panels and other lightweight fixings. Heavy fixings can be secured directly into the base of the concrete beam.