V-Tec V-Tec - The Lattice Girder Floor Beam with wide span

The V-Tec Beam consists of a steel lattice girder cast onto a concrete foot.

The beams support infill blocks, mesh reinforcement and a structural screed to provide a potentially lightweight suspended floor.

V-Tec is unique in offering a floor beam engineered on the Rachl Girder principle.

This technology provides a combination of benefits unobtainable from any other system.

The Principle Benefits

There are many reasons why Design Engineers and Contractors choose V-Tec

Cost Effective
Provides a simple and inexpensive solution to a wide range of technical requirements in both New Build and Refurbishment.
An extremely fast method of providing an insulated poured in-situ concrete floor or basement cap
Wide spans: Cantilevered spans: Extreme design geometry: Progressive collapse provision
Can be used at all floor levels in almost every building type, Including: steel or concrete framed structures and masonry buildings. A Modern Method of Construction in full compliance with ICF wall systems. A straight forward approach to capping basements and Green Roof construction.

Areas of use

Commercial Buildings
Office Blocks: Retail Premises: Hotels: Car Parks
Residential & Housing
Private Dwellings: Low and High Rise Flats:
Student and Housing Association Accommodation:
'Earth Shelters 'and Below Ground Structures:
Civil Engineering