V-Tec Technical

The V-tec Floor system

V-Tec beams

Spans up to 5M Require no additional support U-Value <0.24 W/mēK

cross section Floor Depth

V-Tec is a fast lay floor system compatible with both ICF and traditional methods of construction.

It improves on the traditional beam and block system by using advances in beam engineering complimented by Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) formers, enabling concrete floors to be laid by hand and without the need for heavy crane work.

The V-Tec Beam, which supports the EPS infill block, consists of a steel filigree mesh, cast onto a concrete base to form a pre-cambered reinforced beam.

The high costs associated with the erection and dismantling of conventional floor shuttering are reduced thanks to the lightweight nature of the beams - approximatley 25 kg/lm.

Subject to adhering to the Load Span Tables, it is not necessary to support spans of less than 5 meters in length, when pouring the concrete. Furthermore the finished floor can be power floated so no screeding is necessary.

The lip on the infill blocks extends below the concrete foot of the V-Tec Beam to prevent cold bridging and provide a smooth lower surface suitable for a variety of finishes.

Pipe work for underfloor heating can be laid, with the help of dedicated fixtures, before the concrete pour.