V-Tec What is V-tec?

The V-Tec Trust Beam consists of a steel lattice girder cast onto a concrete foot to form a lightweight, pre-cambered beam with large span characteristics.

The lightweight beams spaced at 750mm centres support the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) infill blocks which provide both an insulated base for the formwork and a smooth surface for the ceiling below, suitable for a variety of finishes.

Concrete is poured onto the completed structure to a depth of 75mm-100mm, according to design criteria.

A floated finish can be achieved with a single pour, dispensing with the need for an expensive finishing screed. C-25 concrete is the norm. Prior to pour steel mesh is laid over the V-Tec beams as an anti crack measure. Alternatively fibre reinforcement can be added to the concrete.

Its unique design was engineered and developed in Germany in the early 1990's to provide a fast method of casting lightweight concrete floors in-situ, to meet the surge in construction and refurbishment in East Germany following the fall of the Berlin wall.